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Fiber Optic Transceivers

fiber optic transceivers Fiber optic transceivers are widely used in telecommunication, CATV, FTTx, and various kinds of other data communications. We provide a wide range of fiber optic transceivers including GBIC,SFP,CWDM SFP,CWDM GBIC,XFP, SFP plus, Copper SFP, Copper GBIC, DWDM SFP, CWDM XENPAK, ESFP, 10G X2, 10G XENPAK, DWDM XFP, DWDM XENPAK, DWDM X2, Video SFP, 40G SFP, QSFP Cables, BIDI XFP, BIDI SFP+, etc.


Fiber Optic Transceivers Manufacturer

fiber optic transceivers manufacturers As specialized fiber optic transceivers manufacturer, Star Computer Limited is located in Johannesbur, South Africa. The company was founded in 1999,  at first we mainly made cable assemblies, later we expanded our business to various kinds of fiber optic transceivers, our transceiver products types include SFP,GBIC,BIDI SFP/GBIC,10Gb/s XFP,10Gb/s X2,10Gb/s Xenpak,SFP+,SGMII SFP,DWDM/CWDM SFP,DWDM XFP, copper SFP/GBIC,etc, now we have over 200 employees and the factory is more than 1800 square meters,  the capacity of fiber optic transceivers production volume is more than 2 million pieces per year.


South Africa Fiber Optics

South Africa Address: Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
China Factory:
No.55 Bldg., Tairan Block, Chegongmiao,Shenzhen


Specifications and data sheets of our fiber optic products. Arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. Files are in PDF format.