Cisco XFP

Cisco XFP

XFP transceivers commercially available in the market now include the 10Gbase SR XFP, 10Gbase LR XFP, 10Gbase ER XFP and 10Gbase ZR XFP. These transceivers are with Digital Diagnostics that provide a powerful optical management tool. 10Gbase SR XFP is used with OM3 50/125 laser optimized multimode fiber with max working span around 300 meters. The other three standards are all for single mode fiber applications, 10Gbase LR XFP work with 1310nm SMF and max working distance 10km, 10Gbase ER XFP work with 1550nm SMF and working range max 40km, 10Gbase LR XFP is also 1550nm wavelength and working span is 80km max. Star Computer Limited supplies the XFP transceivers which features stable quality and good price. These XFP transceivers are manufactured according to international industrial standards and are strictly tested for compatibility with equipment and devices from major companies in industry.

Star Computer Limited is a leading supplier of XFP transceivers. We have a large selection of XFP transceivers in stock and can ship the XFP transceivers to you within 24 hours. All of our XFP transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. We guarantee the XFP transceivers to work in your system and all of our XFP transceivers come with a lifetime advance replacement warranty.

Cisco XFP 10G MM SR Cisco XFP 10G MM SR
Cisco XFP 10G MM SR is 10Gbps fiber optic transceiver working at 850nm wavelength, XFP SR typical working distance is 300 meters; XFP SR is suitable for use in 10G datacom (belly-to-belly for high density applications) and storage area network (SAN/NAS) applications based on IEEE 802.3ae and Fiber Channel standards.
Cisco XFP 10GLR OC192SR Cisco XFP 10GLR OC192SR
Cisco XFP 10GLR OC192SR is hot swappable fiber optic transceiver used for 10G networks like 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SDH, SONET, XFP LR support data transfer rate from 9.95Gbps to 11.1Gbps, max working distance of the XFP LR fiber transceiver is 10km.
Cisco XFP 10GER OC192IR Cisco XFP 10GER OC192IR
Cisco XFP 10GER OC192IR adopts cooled EML laser diode and PIN photodiode, XFP ER is 10G fiber optic transceiver which is fully compatible with XFP MSA and IEEE 802.3ae-2002, max working span of the XFP ER is 40km.
Cisco XFP 10GZR OC192LR Cisco XFP 10GZR OC192LR
Cisco XFP 10GZR OC192LR is 10Gbps fiber optic transceiver which is compatible with IEEE 802.3ae and Fiber Channel standards, XFP ZR use single mode optical fiber and its max working span could reach 80km.

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